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Through our dynamic and happening incubator we provide a vibrant environment for every early stage ventures to Catapult forward. Our incubator will provide knowledge, functional and emotional support to make what is often a rocky journey into a smoother one. The ecosystem comprises of the right mix of individuals, organizations and resources that can help your startup scale in a competitive environment.


Lab 32 is a 6 month long, in house structured playbooks for early stage startups. We bring together our in-depth knowledge of the startup ecosystem, strategic corporate partners, negotiated partnerships with numerous service providers, presence of investors, international visibility and dedicated pool of mentors under one program.

Virtual Incubation

Virtual Membership is location independent by design. This model suits entrepreneurs who need the services of an incubator but still want to maintain their own offices while holding on to geographical advantages and strategies.



Our mentors will help with exposure, insights, and intelligence that help take a startup to the next level. We will introduce startups to experts from our pool of mentors, and provide a platform for startups and mentors to develop relationships based on mutual interest.


T-Hub’s model has always been to help startups scale. Our network of investors helps startups deliver at a global level and create deal flow for all. Some investors visit the facility regularly, while others are part of our extended community and network.

Corporate Partners and Service Providers

For many startups, big corporates are the end users, potential acquirers, mentors, business model enablers; supporting startups through CSR activities and assisting with B2B sales. We have built a platform for networking through multiple demo days, networking events and meetups.

Other Amenities:

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24/7 Office Facility

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