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About The Program

T-Hub - India's fastest growing startup engine catalyzing Innovation, Scale, and Deal flow - in partnership with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is inviting startups that are working on video analytics solutions to apply for the Smart City/Smart Building NanoAccelerator® program. This initiative will enable the Climate Controls and Security and Otis divisions of UTC to work closely with the shortlisted startups, which are differentiable, scalable, software and/or which runs on low cost general purpose hardware and which provides seamless actionable intelligence data with minimal human intervention.

Through this program, we seek to enhance UTC’s integrated platform with reliable and efficient video analytics software and embedded intelligence, through open innovation frameworks.


A seamless video solution would include video intelligence at the camera (edge), video intelligence shared by a “local mesh” of cameras to construct a local real time event unfolding, and intelligence from local events further processed to construct a situation with greater detail and reliability, with minimal human intervention.

The analytics requirements for residential, commercial & enterprise video solutions would vary. The solutions are currently sought in the area of commercial and enterprise market segments.

In a commercial set up, like banking, shops, malls, with typically 4-100 cameras, solutions are sought with edge video intelligence to identify abnormal or suspicious activity. In an enterprise set-up, like airports, with 100 to 1000’s of cameras, solutions are sought to identify the intent, context at the edge, and solutions are sought to track in real time any unexpected event to raise alerts or awareness to security personnel

In many situations, the solutions that minimize specialized configurations and which eliminate privacy concerns will be preferred. Solutions that integrate with other ubiquitous information (like social media) to improve the accuracy and reliability of the data or to extend the capabilities of the system, will be preferred.

The challenge therefore is to have analytics that have several of the below features:

  • Intelligent intrusion detection and classification of objects, indoor & outdoor
  • Automated people detection at parking entrance/exit
  • Vehicle / human detection – Further classification into subtypes will be given extra consideration (e.g car vs truck, male vs female etc.)
  • People, vehicle, object counting, License plate recognition
  • Crowd density management
  • Static object (known as Left behind, abandoned baggage, left luggage)
  • Trajectory between cameras
  • People detection on a conveyor belt
  • People detection on railroad tracks or on gates
  • Meaningful data about the volume and direction of pedestrians, bikes, motorbikes, cars, and large vehicles.
  • Which can easily be integrated with UTC’s intelligent software platforms via APIs, Services or libraries.
  • The solution must be easily configured during deployment, with minimal setup or training required from end users.
  • For systems that utilize off-line training of target objects, it is required that on-line methods be available for improving or tuning the system when deployed.

And these are pulled together as needed, to find "a lost child wearing a blue jacket in mall" or detecting "suspicious or abnormal activity at an airport" in real time.


  • Each team must have at least 1 full time employee. A ‘full time employee’ is defined as a person that maintains standard business hours working on the technology or venture (at a minimum, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.)
  • The product or technology the team is offering for consideration provides a functionality or capability not currently available in any off the shelf product, or a functionality/capability that can be demonstrated to possess a significant advantage over current offerings in some aspect
  • The product or technology the team is offering for consideration represents original ideas wholly owned with freedom to use or is licensed by the team
  • Individuals or teams incubating new ideas around the globe
  • The team has formed or is a part of a recognized, legal entity for the company structure

What's in it for Startups?

  • Opportunity for selected startup to work and scale up under the aegis of UTC. The top 5-6 startups chosen/shortlisted through this program will work with UTC Technology Leaders / Mentors, to collaborate and prioritize the solution at Hyderabad.
  • The startups will be given an opportunity to develop proof of concept (POC) on the prioritized solution and showcase their POC to key executives of UTC, during the ‘Demo Day’ at T-Hub
  • Opportunity to receive funding not exceeding $25K for up to 2 POCs, in case UTC expresses its interest in any of the POCs demoed by startups, to further develop & deliver the POC’s for UTC within mutually agreed milestones
  • If mutual interest established, further collaboration options would be discussed
  • Access to T-Hub’s network of mentors, industry experts, investors, service providers, community/ecosystem
  • T&S will be covered only for shortlisted outstation startups & for one member per startup to fly down to Hyderabad

Important Dates

Application submission deadline 20th August 2017
Notification to selected startups 8th September 2017
First Bootcamp at T-Hub 14th, 15th September 2017
POC Development 18th September 2017 to 20th October 2017
Second Bootcamp at T-Hub 23rd, 24th October 2017
Demo Day at T-Hub 25th October 2017


Michael Ramoutar
Fellow – Technology
UTC CCS - Global Security Products
Suneel Kumar Nallamothu
Senior Technical Specialist – Video
UTC CCS - Global Security Products
Lakshman Subramanian
Director – Engineering
UTC CCS - Global Security Products
Balaji Kaliappan
Senior Technology Manager
United Technologies

About T-Hub

T-Hub is India's fastest-growing startup engine catalyzing Innovation, Scale and Deal flow. T-Hub is a unique public/private partnership between the government of Telangana, three of India’s premier academic institutes (IIIT-H, ISB and NALSAR) and key private sector leaders. T-Hub aims to forge many such partnerships with governments and corporates across the world to setup T-Bridge centres, strengthening trade relations and attracting investment into the state of Telangana. 

T-Hub is one of the largest startup ecosystem builders in India, with over 2000 startups in its database clustered into various stages of growth across sectors of specialization - a model of community development that is unique to Hyderabad. Such a unique model enables investors and corporates to plan programs and capacity building initiatives in a targeted and organized manner. T-Hub is also the only model where the government is working intensely with the investor and the partner to fuel innovation and facilitate enterprise.

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About UTC

A company built on innovation and performance with a reputation for innovative thinking and pioneering technology that is unsurpassed, United Technologies Corp. (UTC) is a Fortune 50 diversified aerospace and building systems provider headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.A.; Net Sales of USD 57 billion in 2016; 200,000+ employees; USD 3.7 billion total R&D investment. We invent new and better ways to keep people safe, comfortable, productive and on the move. We focus on developing smart, sustainable solutions to meet the needs of an urbanizing world. UTC Climate, Controls & Security's fire, security, building automation, Heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration systems promote safer, smarter and sustainable buildings. Click here to visit the UTC CCS page. Otis elevators, escalators and moving walkways keep people moving and committed to safety, performance and service.​ Click here to visit Otis Worldwide.

Together, we’re developing integrated solutions and creating a future filled with smarter, safer, more efficient buildings. Hyderabad Research & Design Center (HRDC) brings the best and brightest engineering talents in India to deliver new products and solutions and is the largest global R&D center (in terms of engineering talent) for UTC CCS.

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