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Why Apply?

It is estimated that 97% of floated startups fail to scale. It is found that the tremendous failure rate of startups trying to scale is not intrinsic to the nature of the industry, but a reflection of acute deficiencies with respect to speed, expertise and flexibility. We are proud to be debuting T-Scale, to equip startups through our market scaling and internal scaling programs, preparing entrepreneurs to challenge the odds and tear down the status quo. With the knowledge that every startup faces a specific set of unique challenges and obstacles, which can’t be navigated with generic business mantras - we have tailored our programs to focus on the specificities of a startup’s market, circumstance and approach to scale, to pave the way for successful growth.

What is the Program?

T-Scale consists of three subprograms - Market Scaling, Internal Scaling and Discover Solutions. Market Scaling and Internal scaling are programs focused on assisting growth-stage startups scale faster, while our unique Discover Solutions programs gives larger startups the resources and collaborative frameworks to grow inorganically. Startups enrolled for T-scale may show a preference for a particular subprogram, which will be considered by T-Hub and our partners as compatibility between startups and programs is evaluated.

On regular intervals, for the duration of T-Scale, the program’s outcomes for startups are assessed in terms of revenues generated, costs saved, customers onboarded, partnerships made and processes streamlined. We also constantly evaluate and reevaluate the program itself to satisfy our thirst for constant improvement with every iteration. We have envisioned T-Scale as both an enabler, and deliverer, drawing our focus towards building meticulous frameworks that allow for our partners to hand-hold startups towards execution.

Market Scaling

The market scaling program guides the startups from go-to-market strategy to design of distribution channels to close out on customer deals. It holds the mandate of sustaining the revenue flows and develop a functional customer portfolio for super normal growth of revenues. Unlike the traditional approach of accessing an existing customer base repeatedly, the program has a multi dimensional approach through which additional sources of revenues will be explored, new customer segments will be created and existing customer base will be expanded.

Internal Scaling

T-Scale's internal scaling agenda is modeled for building a highly scalable approach that enables a startup to rapidly identify, build and sustain the targeted capabilities needed to deliver growth. Drawing on pedigree of experience of its partners, the program intent is centered on helping startups, with diagnosis and closing of the capability gap, in areas of value delivery and capability management.

Discover Solutions

With Discover Solutions we endeavour to provide solutions for organizations looking to grow inorganically by designing customized programs to source quality startups, helping larger organizations solve specific problems using domain expertise, speed and flexibility. We aim to facilitate productive relationships between each organization and multiple startups over the course of the program.

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