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Are you a technology-based International Startup looking to expand overseas for new clients, revenue streams and opportunities to explore the untapped markets?

We offer you, India!

We help you:

Build your pipeline by understanding Indian clients

To make it in India, your understanding of Indian clients is key. Our support in localizing your business model based on the needs of local decision makers, along with intensive client exposure allows you to build pilot projects and sales pipeline during the program. Now closing your deals is all in your hands.

Testimonials from our previous cohort:

Why India?

Setting up business in a new country comes with a plethora of complexities and uncertainties. India is no different. But it’s a good place to be at right now.


Largest startup ecosystem globally


Incubators &
Startup Hubs

$7 Bn

Funding in 2017



India, currently the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, is rapidly growing and maturing. After years of focus on B2C, the B2B innovation landscape is drastically picking up due to corporate innovation divisions’ interest in the latest technology, making for an excellent client base with global influence.

Located in Hyderabad, T‑Hub works at the center of the fastest-growing ecosystem, with the largest number of incubators and co-working spaces across the country. Tightly integrated with all stakeholders, Hyderabad is the perfect launch pad for international startups with access to various global corporates and governments alike.

T‑Hub is being considered the leading startup ecosystem builder in the country that operates the largest incubator - supports about 150 startups at a time. It also runs the largest number of corporate accelerator programs and other leading programs for Indian and international entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with 100+ outstanding Mentors, Experts, Corporate-partners and Investors across industries

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The program will help startups localize, connect with corporates and government bodies, among others, and expand in the Indian market and discover newer revenue streams.




Business culture familiarization

India is culturally diverse and very different in its ways of doing business from what applicants’ might be used to. Apart from helping participants through workshops to understand the basics of Indian culture and business, local immersion, and support from T‑Hub staff, mentors, and EIR will help applicants to move ahead swiftly and achieve the most.

Localization of business model

To be able to succeed in India, applicants need to understand cultural differences between their country and India. This is possible as the program assists in gathering necessary information from potential client stakeholders to make informed decisions in localizing applicants’ products.

Access to personal mentors and EIRs

Mentors and EIRs are at the heart of the program, applicants can choose a local mentor from a wide range of experienced entrepreneurs, senior executives, and functional experts. That’s not all, the applicants have access to local EIRs to support their journey in India for the entire duration of the program.

Office space and infrastructure

During the India sprint and the placement period of the program, applicants will have free and complete access to T-Hub’s state of the art incubator located in the heart of the tech business city, Hyderabad.

Corporate partners and industry leaders

Throughout the program T-Hub aims at maximizing opportunities for applicants to connect with T-Hub’s vast corporate partner network, industry leaders, experts, and other ecosystem supporters. The contacts the applicants make help them to constantly increase their knowledge of the Indian market.

Networking events, dinners, special guests, CEO dinner

T-Hub serves as a perfect platform for entrepreneurial events and networking. Startups have access to internal and external events that allow them to fully merge into the local innovation ecosystem.

Government engagement

Startups are revolutionizing nearly every segment of the Indian economy. The startup-friendly state government in Telangana aims to stretch the boundaries of existing policies and regulations for new and disruptive solutions. In Telangana, T-Hub spearheads the initiatives in recommending public policies and startup solutions for the government to work with. This engagement opportunity sets new bars in addition to opening doors for municipalities and government bodies to be applicants’ first client.

PR exposure

Participants will benefit from T-Hub’s position in India’s innovation ecosystem and enjoy media mentions in articles, blogs, and more.

Soft-landing support

During IMAB, applicants will have the chance to set-up their local branch in India. T-Hub’s soft-landing portfolio gives access to legal and accounting services and advisory in addition to visa, relocation, and HR services in India. Intellectual property and regulatory advisory are also at their disposal to make applicants’ arrival as smooth as possible. (Certain customized services might be chargeable).

PoC facilitation

T-Hub supports applicants in finding and executing a PoC with local clients along with assisting them to demonstrate the feasibility of their solution in the Indian context. Also, T- Hub assists in developing proof points and success stories to support applicants’ entry into India. Facilitation support extends to the moderation of the process, support in defining rules of engagement, timelines, responsibilities, and others.

Corporate day and investor demo day

The corporate day and investor demo day are tailored to increase applicants’ potential to land piloting and investment opportunities in India. Throughout the program, applicants’ will get to see that there is always an opportunity to pitch, once you join T-Hub.

No equity taken

T-Hub is an independent non-profit organization initiated to foster entrepreneurship and build Hyderabad into a world-leading startup destination. All T-Hub programs are free of any equity obligations.


Sanjay Kuberkar
Program Manager
Boeing HorizonX India Innovation Challenge
Roshan Miranda
Waste Ventures
Somasundaram R
Head - Strategic Initiatives
Mytrah Energy
Vinod Kuberkar
VTK Lifesciences Advisory Services
Subramanian Chandramouli
Author, International Sales Trainer, Key Note Speaker, Negotiator
Ramesh Darbha
Vice President - Insurance and Financial Services Consulting
Murali Talasila
PwC India
Yasir Ahmad
PwC India
Manoj Kothari
Managing Director & Chief Design Strategist
Turian Labs

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applications from post Series A startups and scaleups from across the world, provided they meet the following criteria:

Market-ready product/solution and sale of the same in the home market or elsewhere

Proof of existing or prior secure venture capital investment

Proven distribution model in the home market or beyond

Invest time and resources for the venture to enter the Indian market and make it a success

Presence of at least one team member during all in-country interventions

Focus on two sectors of B2B enterprise products or sustainability. Outstanding solutions in other sectors such as HealthTech, FinTech, smart city, and mobility might get a chance too

Selection Criteria

Once we receive applications, the selection will be based on the following criteria:

Existing traction and proven month-on-month growth

Proven business model with high factor of transferability to India

Prior Venture Capital (VC) investment with runway for India market entry

Ambitious and committed venture team entering the Indian market

Presence, either virtually or physically, of one founder during the program (product managers, sales and/or technical specialists, and operational specialists may also be required for different interventions)

Readiness to engage in PoCs and partnerships

India Market Access Bridge,
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B2B Enterprise Products

India has made steady progress from being a business process outsourcing hub to a global innovation hub. This is one of the reasons most global organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook now have their largest development centers outside of the U.S. in Hyderabad.

Today, MNCs across the world are innovating in India due to low cost of innovation along with the rise in tech savvy and young enthusiasts. 40% of startups in India occupy the B2B segment. The appetite for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, AR/VR, cyber security, and other emerging technologies from corporates across the globe is immense and has led to more than 50% of Indian VC funding going to startups in the B2B enterprise sector.

Use T‑Hub's extensive corporate partner network to share the table with major global firms when they decide which disruptive technologies to integrate in their global roadmap and product portfolio.


India ranks second in the world in urban population size, with the largest concentration of megacities in the world.

This rapid urbanization creates gaps between demand and supply for urban infrastructure and services. Population and pollution are directly proportional, and there are rapidly widening chasms between development and sustainability. While water crisis is imminent in large metros like Mumbai and Bangalore, urban and rural parts of India still suffer from a significant divide in access to energy.

Despite India being a subtropical country, harnessing solar power is a challenge due to the steep expense of setting- up power plants and the low market penetration of solar equipment. We are looking for startups and scaleups with affordable and proven solutions in areas such as renewable energy and power, water, waste management, and others that can make India a more sustainable place to live.

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